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handyman installing light fixture

our mission

To light up people’s lives and homes by providing unrivalled customer experience and service.

our vision

Be recognized as the leading provider of value and service in minor pain-in-the-butt electrical projects.

our story

The Lighting Squad was conceived out of a desire for peace and tranquility in the home. We aspire to see a world where less time is spent cursing, elbow deep in a DIY project, and more time spent enjoying the harmony and comfort of the place you love, your HOME! That is where the idea for a “nuisance electrical company” was born.

We are not here to wire phase three to your garage, but that ugly boob light, we agree with you that thing is god-awful, and if you find a light you love, we will come to swap it out, which will make your space more enjoyable, aesthetic, and not look like a boob.

While our focus is lighting, we do so much more. Is your ceiling fan gold, gaudy, and straight out of 1991? We got you. Let us swap it out. Do light bulbs need to be changed in a high fixture? Check. Outdoor lighting needs to be installed; let us cater to your needs.

our values

  • The lighting squad values Human Connection. Human Connection is formed between people when they feel seen and valued; it is a dignity exchange that builds trust. During authentic Human Connection, people exchange positive energy, which builds trust. Human Connection makes our clients feel heard and understood and gives them a sense of belonging.
  • Accessibility is the quality of being easy to obtain or use. We value having a company that is easy to contact, use, and available to all. We are straightforward and kind, will make accommodations, and serve anyone we can with dignity and Human Connection.
  • Honesty is a vital characteristic of The Lighting Squad because it sets the tone for the kind of work culture that we have created. Honesty provides workplace behavior consistency and builds loyalty and trust in customers and franchisees.
  • Integrity is the backbone of The Lighting Squad. Integrity is the litmus test for all we do. We break it into honesty, loyalty, respect, and responsibility, vital to decision-making and serving our customers.
  • We love to Work Hard + Play Harder. We value having a good work-life balance and prioritizing professional growth and personal enjoyment.